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Clash Royale A game for all with a Tagline : A must play Game For all Ages . Mind you its a tower defence game from the Gaming giants you can know that with what i will utter its Supercell kids Hands Down to them they are undoubtedly the best in business when it comes to be the best they are !

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Supercell, Finnish studio behind popular Clash of Clans (available here on the AppStore), or even the recent Boom Beach, is preparing to release a new online strategygame next month, Clash Royale.
It is currently in testing on the New Zealand and Canadian App Store and Supercellhas announced that it will be available for everyone in March.
Are you had already spoken in January. As a reminder, this is a multiplayer onlinegame that mixes several genres like the real-time strategy game, the fighting arena(or MOBA) game and a system of cards collectible.
The basic objective of the game is to capture the enemy King which is protected bytwo towers to destroy.

To do this, the player can send troops (several types of units) and casting spells usinga deck of cards that he built before a game.
It is possible to deal with players from around the world to take their trophies to winTreasury chests to unlock new cards and build and improve its collection of maps.
clash-royale - 1.jpg
The game also features the ability to create a clan to share maps and build acommunity, to confront members of his clan and friends in private duel or learn newstrategies looking the best matches on 'TV Royal'.
As Clash of Clans, the new game from Supercell is a freemium, namely, a free gamewith integrated shopping.
See month next to test this new "Nugget" of Supercell.</p>

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Clash Royale Tricks | Gems and Gameplay Online

Clash Royale: 5 tips for beginners - so you win on the battlefield</p> <p></p>
Clash Royale is a new strategy game of Developer's supercell. It is a mix of Tower Defense and card game and plays differently than about clash of clan. So you're also successful as a strategist, we have here a few tips for beginners.</p> <p></p>
Clash Royale Hack works in principle simple. You compete online in a two-way race against other players. Goal is to destroy the enemy castle with the King. Below in the picture you can see your hand of cards from the play your cards. Placed troops such as Knights and archers or aiming a skill such as hail of arrows on enemies (also in the half). However, note that each card usage costs Elixir. Elixir recharges at least after automatically again.

You win games, you are allowed to open chests and gets jewels or new cards so the game currency gold, the Premiumwährung. The best card by the way, include the rare and especially the epic cards. Read important tips for beginners on the following pages, so that you win and get faster on the strongest cards.</p> <p></p>
Clash Royale should wait time you on the first move of the opponent. (Source: screenshot Network World / supercell)

Waiting to start a game quiet something and look, until the opponent placed first units. Then responds with the appropriate response and plays cards, which clearly beat the enemy units. Uses about air units against forces which can shoot the flying units. Single, strong opponents, you take many small forces in the field and against many small forces you caused the best AoE damage in clash Royale - for example with the hail of arrows.</p> <p></p>
You attack with slow and strong units (tanks) like the Giants, she relies on the map as below. Until the giant reaches the bridge, namely quickly recharges your Elixir. Then, you can place quickly several units at the bridge, which run with the Giants and support him.</p> <p></p>
Placed ranged units such as archers or bomber behind a giant. The giant protects your ranged in clash Royale: from frontal attacks of the opponent.
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